Well it has been a while since my last Taddy the Tadpole update. Taddy now has all his/her limbs.The back legs appeared the first week of February and the front ones last weekend, on April 2nd.

The back legs were tiny little nubs that seemed to grow into legs. With the front legs it seemed as if we could see them wiggling around in the chest area and they just popped out as small but fully formed legs. It looked like Taddy was trying to push out an elbow for a few days before the leg appeared.

Just hanging out!

We have been so thrilled to watch the metamorphosis of Taddy and the aquarium has been the perfect setting for that.

The aquarium sits in our kitchen so we see it many times a day and have caught the changes as they happen.We have sparked the interest in friends  and family with Taddy, they all ask how the development is going.

The body shape has changed quite a bit in this last week, the eyes are starting to bulge up on the head and the colouring is changing, spots are appearing. The mouth is getting wider and taking on the frog shaped head. He still has the long tadpole tail.

Taddy is not sure how to use the front legs yet and only just getting the hang of the back ones as they have grown larger and more powerful. He loves to just float in the tank in an upright position.

Taddy & Mr. Bo-Jangles

Mr. Bo-Jangles the goldfish that lives with Taddy has recently started nudging Taddy to get him swimming around. It may not be deliberate but it sure looks it while we are watching.

We should be fine for releasing Taddy into the wild once metamorphisis is complete as spring seems to be here in our part of the world. I’m not sure how much longer we will have Taddy for as he seems to have has own time schedule and not necessarily the same as other frogs. I will let you know when Taddy the Tadpole is Taddy the Frog! Check out our Facebook page for more photos of Taddy.