At Digital Frog International, we believe you can't care about a world you don't understand.

Since 1995, Digital Frog International has been creating great educational natural science software that is in use in classrooms around the world. It started with a simple virtual frog dissection program, and grew to create award-winning programs covering all aspects of natural science, from ecosystems to the inner workings of cells, all with an interface unique to Digital Frog International.

From virtual frog dissection to digital field trips to the world's most fascinating ecosystems, Digital Frog International is dedicated to bringing the world of natural science to your classroom.

What is Digital frog international?

We are an innovative, enthusiastic, software company, dedicated to creating high-quality educational, multimedia programs with an ecological focus. Our corporate headquarters is a converted barn surrounded by frogs, dogs and bogs in rural Ontario, Canada.

Our focus is on biology and ecology. Our goal is to make a difference to the way people view the natural world. Our computer-based learning tools encourage a lifelong interest in, and respect for, the world around us. We believe that people cannot care about a world they do not understand. To this end, our products present accurate, detailed information in an interesting and engaging way.

What's so great about us?

Each of our award-winning programs is meticulously researched and brought to life using virtual reality software, full color photographs, videos, narration, text and animations. Interactive activities help bring biology and ecology to life, while customizable workbooks (included with the program) give a structured way to explore and learn.

What's so great about our products?

Our computer-based LEARNing tools:

Who should use our software?

Forward-thinking teachers, parents, nature lovers and students. In short, anyone with an enquiring mind, a sense of fun or an interest in ecology and the environment will enjoy and learn from any of Digital Frog International's software.

Why you should use our software

Our programs are fun, easy-to-use, environmentally friendly and educationally sound.

What do others think about Digital Frog International software?

Since the release of our first software title, the virtual frog dissection, anatomy and ecology program The Digital Frog, we've managed to fill an entire wall in our office with awards. We've been recognized by organizations ranging from the Association of Media and Technology in Education in Canada (three-time winner of their Award of Excellence), to the American Library Association (Top Five software titles for 1998), and the Financial Post and Apple Canada (1997 Interactive Design Award). ScienceMatrix: Cell Structure & Function was even named one of the world's top five e-science programs by the World Summit Award Grand Jury at the Geneva World Summit on the Information Society. To see the complete list, take a look at our award list to see what we've won so far.