Conserve It Forward & Digital Frog

Conserve it Forward

Digital Frog is proud to support this amazing young lady. We have donated The Digital Frog 2.5 software to help Avalon promote alternatives to teachers across the country.

"If we all do small acts, then together we will make big changes!
Find a project you love, act on it, share it with others...that's how you conserve it forward!"
-Avalon Theisen, Founder

Avalon Theisen founded Conserve It Forward (CIF) in 2010 at age 9 because of her interest in the environment, conservation issues and solutions. She enjoys exploring and traveling and then sharing what she learns with others to help raise awareness and inspire action that will benefit both the natural world and people. She enjoys leading Conserve It Forward in their interactive booths at community events, giving presentations and hosting nature videos. You can often find Avalon outdoors observing nature or up in a tree.

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