InspirEd offers educators grant money opportunities!

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InspirEd Educators is now partnered with Resource Associates, a national professional grant writing company for school districts, businesses, and public entities throughout the world. This new partnership enables us to offer grant writing assistance to our customers. In qualifying cases, InspirEd Educators will even underwrite ALL fees, allowing your district to apply for a grant at NO COST!

Why Resource Associates?

Resource Associates is very selective in their hiring process assembling a TEAM of approximately 60 professional grant writers with proven track records of success. Though funding of a grant cannot be guaranteed, you ARE guaranteed to work with the best professionals in the country. By contracting with Resource Associates, you will only pay for relevant, appropriate services that are MOST likely to result in large dollar, multi-year, sustainable grant awards for your school district. Their professional experienced staff will walk you through the entire grant development process and ONLY recommend what is in your best interest - financially and programmatically.

Additional benefits include:

Product profile:

InspirEd Educators units are engaging for students, easy to implement for teachers, affordable, and provide true Common Core instruction. Our readings, reader's theaters, documents, and other texts are thought provoking, yet challenging. Our daily activities demand critical reading and thinking, yet provide the necessary scaffolding and support for reluctant or struggling readers. InspirEd Educators model what ELA and Social Studies teachers need to do in order to meet the demands of Common Core.
InspirEd Educators units provide differentiated, engaging, cross-disciplinary lesson plans that use Social Studies and Language Arts content to teach literacy, critical and creative thinking, and the Common Core Skills.

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