The Digital Field Trip to The Rainforest
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The Digital Field Trip to The Rainforest

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Freakin' Awesome! ... At last! An environmental CD that rains all the wonders of the world! ... This is one of the slickest multimedia jobs we've seen in ages. It's got QuickTime VR, awesome navigation and fun content about rainforests.
- Mac Addict Magazine (February 1998)

To me, this is the way QuickTime Virtual Reality panorama technology should be used, to provide a detailed tour of a distant place and to give the user a real sense of being there.
- Gerry Blackwell, Toronto Star (August 1997)

The educational version includes an extensive teacher and study guide, ideal as a supplement to a rainforest unit.
- Booklist (Magazine of the American Library Association) (March 1998)

An eye-popping tutorial on jungle biota.
Forbes (January 1998)

Few software programs we have seen have the depth of material that can be found here.
-Learning Village

This type of product injects new hope into the future of education.
- Society for Technical Communication judge

The newest program from Digital Frog, The Rainforest may be the coolest thing to ever hit cyberspace.
- Sara Puig, Beta Tester, age 9

The programs are aimed primarily at students, though there is plenty that adults would learn from them.
- Canadian Geographic (March/April, 1998)

Maneuvering through the rainforest simulation is simple. The well-defined links supply users with a wealth of information.
- Emergency Librarian (May-June 1998)

This is an excellent supplement to a study of rainforests, or to general studies of ecology or biology.
Kids Domain Review (July 1998)

Excellent learning tool, kid friendly, easy to use. Contains good reference material that is educational and entertaining. Kids loved it!
- Coalition for Quality Children's Media (July 1998)

The Digital Field Trip to The Rainforest is highly professional, scientifically sound, realistic and, above all else, great fun to use. We would recommend this as a CD-ROM 'must' for all science departments: well done to Digital Frog International.
- Roger Poland, Journal of Biological Education