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On the off-chance your Digital Frog International software isn't performing at its optimum, this is the place to find help.

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Multi Seat License Information

Digital Frog Internationals new flexible licensing system allows customers to purchase any number of "seats"; the more you buy, the less you pay per seat.

What is a seat?
A seat is one computer user as determined by the home folder or directory of the current user, whether the home folder is stored on the local hard drive, or on the network. You will need to buy a "seat" for each user account that will run the software. The license code determines the number of seats and the length of time the program can be used; you do not need a separate license code for each seat.

Program download question?
We have set up a FAQ page to help with the download questions that have arisen from our customers. Find the common questions and answers here. Have a question that is not covered, please email

User Account Special Cases
There are a number of possible scenarios that complicate the Multi Seat licensing model. If guest users have a temporary home folder that is purged when the session ends, you will need to ensure that the cache-cache file in the DFI user directory is excluded from the clean up. If each computer has multiple user directories for students, you will need to set up a special home folder for students to access DFI programs as each user directory will count as one seat.

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Download Multi-Seat Licensing Instructions

Other Issues

Sadly Apple does not consult us before releasing a new version! This sometimes causes problems. We have attempted to summarize the issues and solutions here:

Platform DFI Copyright Date Problem Solution
Mac OSX 10.7 and later Before 2012 (All programs including the demo disc) The icon in the root folder returns the error message:
" You can't open the application because PowerPC applications are no longer supported"
Mac OSX solution
Windows XP and later Before 2012
(All programs including demos)
The program does not recognize the installed QuickTime Windows & QuickTime solution
Windows XP and later ALL versions of Digital Frog software QuickTime 7.7.2 does not recognize some graphic formats — this can cause DFI programs to crash. Uninstall QuickTime and either: - install the version on the disc or - download it here